Visits to local suppliers digitize suppliers' technological capabilities, establish a high-quality local supplier database, and proactively obtain information on international customers' market demands. Experts' demand interpretation and technology matching quickly and accurately match supply and demand partners.
Operation Mechanism

Customer-side request establishment
Establish expert database, Search suitable suppliers
Matching of initial selected suppliers supplier selection
Establish expert database, Search suitable suppliers
Primary Mission
International customers gain in-depth knowledge of suppliers' technological capabilities.
International customers are able to quickly and accurately connect to Taiwan Suppliers.
Highlighting enterprises' technologies and product advantages.
Match supply and demand partners Quickly and accurately.
Matching Service


Metal technology R&D and application service institute providing cross-field total solutions for the industry.
Play a key role in value creation and assisting cross-field industries with a focus on increasing metal technology value-added and international competitiveness.
To become a premier international metal technology R&D institute with cross-field development leading to value creation for the industry.
Matching services

Search for mold manufacturers
Search for product/materials trial production
Search for mold development and manufacturing companies
Search for metal processing suppliers